Do It Yourself Home Roofing

Posted on: June 22, 2015 by in Videos
Do It Yourself Home Roofing

This is a step by step video of myself doing my own roof. This was my first roof I’ve ever done and wanted to share some of the lessons I learned along the way. The video covers the roof job from start to finish. Hopefully it expresses the commitment and work required in doing your own roof.

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  1. All MERRICA says:

    nice job though 

  2. KnicksNYanks84 says:

    What would you have done if it rained?

  3. djmatter98 says:

    Impressive. Can you give us an update to your roof. Is it holding up? I
    don’t know jack about roofing, so some of these comment brings up concerns.
    Has the roof caved in? Did the city cite you for not following code? 

  4. Atlanta Roof Toppers says:

    Great job…a real helpful video for DIY homeowners.

  5. Kurt Zschietzschmann says:

    Please tell us two things. 1) how many person hours you estimate wee spent
    on the job, 2) how much would this have cost for pro to do it? I’d like to
    know how much you saved by doing it yourself. Great vid! Shows me how much
    work there is!

  6. Whitney McParland says:

    my 2 man crew would have that done in 2 days tops!

  7. Jeremiah Johnson says:

    Any update on how roof has held up or anything to add?

  8. orange724 says:

    Hey everybody, my old account is obsolete so I’m replying from this new
    account. To answer a few questions people have been asking: About the ice
    shield, I looked into that before doing my roof. What I found was that in
    my area there’s not enough snowfall, and my roof was sloped enough to not
    need one. There hasn’t been any leaks, or lost shingles yet, the roof has
    been holding up great. I had a roof estimator come out and check out my
    roof, he estimated it would be about 11k to do. I think it ended up costing
    me 3k, so that’s a pretty good savings. If I was to do it again I would
    definitely get a nail gun. Before I started the project I read that hand
    nailing is the strongest way to secure the shingles, and I didn’t have any
    air tools so I went for it. After buying 50 lbs of hand nails you’re kind
    of in it for the long haul haha. It did take me a long time, but I was
    going to college full time most of the time, so I would fit in working on
    the roof between classes and homework. If I went at it full time, and with
    an air nailer it probably would have been alot quicker. 

  9. Natasha Porte says:

    This is why you shouldn’t do your roof yourself.i couldn’t watch the whole
    thing but a few problems.your attic is filling up with moisture from
    improper vents on kitchen bathroom.bottom chimney flashing is suppose to be
    on top of shingle.sheating screwed.and I’m not sure where he’s from but
    leaving your roof open for a month is a huge risk.leave it to a professional

  10. tonimarie2806 says:

    i have a mobil hm,, & it requires a new roof for ins purposes.. it doesnt
    leak, but it is old.. and is cracking,,,, im doing it my self as a hm
    owner,,,,,,,, i went to the court hse for coding & reg for information,
    & a permit,,,, they said i could do a new roof,, (its a flat roof, the old
    is a rolled roof)))) >> they said i could do a roof over it if i use the
    right materials,,, but no one seems to know what it is,, i’ve called
    suppliers/contractors…. but they dont seem to want to give me the
    info,,,, inless they do the job,,,, i need help here,,, with the
    correct product i nfo,,,,,can any one out there help me with that,,,,,,,,
    ??????….. im in florida…&.. hm depo has no clue

  11. Roofing Companies CT says:

    Wow…that three tab roof was a mess…there’s even moss growing in between
    each tab on every course of shingles…he did a good job fixing the leaks
    and installed the rotted roof plywood sheathing..nice video and a job well

  12. Tom Barber says:

    I hear GnR at about 28 minute mark. Ha!

  13. Darren Maglione says:

    Thanks just got quotes for over $8000.00 and i am considering doing it
    myself… your video inspired me to just do it. THANKS!

  14. Martin Tiffany says:

    I just got my first home tackling this job with no “know how” good video!
    of many to help ease my mind of complications DIY has always been my thing.

  15. Gary Redmond says:

    Hey!! Im about to re-roof mine I noticed your cost…WOW!!!! Home depot
    was having a clearance sale.. at 8.00 a bundle 462.00 w/taxes for 54
    bundles. im curious where you got that big piece of plastic in case of
    rain. also I was wondering did you use your 3-4-5 measurement at center of
    the roof or did you just start at the rake and eave and start shingling.
    Also I watched a GAF- Timberline video says to use a 6 inch wide piece on
    2 course at the rake and eave..did you do this??? then 3 course to use 11
    inch wide, then 11 inch wide on 4th course then start over on 5th at
    6..11..17 again.

  16. CNG saves says:

    Nice job for 1st time homeowner. I’ve done around 20 roofs in past 30
    years and I can tell you MANY if not ALL so called “pro roofers” would have
    butchered and rushed through all the things that YouTube DIY installer did

    Main mistake was tearing off all roof at one time – – too much risk for
    rain damage as he didn’t “Dry In” quickly. +1 to purchase portable air
    compressor and nail gun.

    What he did right . . . LOT’s . . . replace bad sheating and improve
    ventilation with holes drilled and soffet vents (a “pro” would have blew
    past that / skipped doing). Also step flashing and tar on vent shrouds is
    almost always skipped by “pro’s” so his DIY job is way better than he could
    have bought. Overall, job well done !!

  17. WilleyNelson69 says:

    Forgot the 1/8 space between all the boards

  18. Allen dman says:

    Lots of respect for you brother!! Nice job. :)

  19. Lami Qoku says:

    No one do what this guy just did , take it from a professional roofer

  20. Garrett Aulabaugh says:

    That was epic, nice work, way to stick with it.

  21. creeperprince17 games says:
  22. Texas Roofing Repair says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with roofing, it’s great for those
    people that do not want to hire a professional company like us!

  23. Bruce Inman says:

    Thank you!!