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Are you deciding on utilizing a new roof and you happen to be wondering what specific types of roofing material would work the best for your home? There is so many different types of roofing material out there on the market that all have their upsides and their downsides to them. You either have the option to re-roof the material of your current home or you can do some homework regarding what would enable you the most amount of benefits for your home and your family. Roofing materials has an assortment of quality, environmentally-friendly materials that have great aspects of durability and longevity.

Before you ultimately decide on your final choice of roofing material, you can read about the different variations of what’s available below in the article and from there you should be able to make a decision with simplicity.

The Various Types of Roofing Materials

1. Composition Shingles (asphalt)

Composition shingles are highly universal and they can be utilized in just about any type of home, whether it be brand new or historic. These types of shingles are created from asphalt and they are always very affordable, 3-tab shingles to use. They are both equal in durability and style and virtually any type of home benefits from their integration. They are produced from numerous manufacturers and they come in a wide assortment of different types and colors and are always easy to repair and they are also very fireproof.

2. Metal (steel, copper, aluminum and tin)

Metal shingles look especially great on specific types of homes such as ranch style, contemporary, bungalow and cottage but they can work for just about any type of building. They come in a variable of different looks and styles, namely cedar, standing seam or slate and they are lightweight, coming in many different colors. They are very well-known for their durability and they can easily last up to an astonishing 50+ years. They can also be easily installed over an existing materials like rubber roofing and epdm roofing and they have proved throughout the years to be fantastic when facing the harsh outdoor elements.

3. Wood Shingles

Wood shingles could accommodate virtually any style of home and much has to do with the natural, weathered look that it accentuates. One really great thing about wood shingles is that it does a great job at insulating the home and as we know, those extreme winter temps could use a little bit of buffering to say the least, plus they work well with roofing nails. This fact alone makes their value go up considerably and when you couple in just how nice they can make your home look, it really is a no-brainer over what type of shingle to heavily consider.

4. Slate

Slate is really what you’d consider a little more on the specialized side of things, regarding different styles of homes and any roofing supply company wouldn’t be the same without it’s presence. It works well for French, Colonial, Chateau-style, Exotic Revivals and much more. When you incorporate slate onto your roof, you are adding a highly distinctive and undeniably beautiful appearance. You will always have a classy element with slate and you can certainly bet that all slate tiles are fireproof. Plus, they add a great factor of longevity and if you are looking for great materials with low-maintenance, roofing materials has a wide-variety of slate that should be no doubt sure to please.

5. Tile (Clay, Concrete)

Tile is another roofing material that is utilized for more special and unique types of homes. They work really well for Italian, French Eclectic, Spanish Eclectic, Mediterranean, Beaux Arts, Mission-Style and Prairie-May. Tile roofing material is obviously very splendid and aesthetically pleasing, also, if you regard the various styles, designs and colors that you will get to select from, you simply can’t go wrong with it as your final choice. They are very easy to keep-up with and when you do keep them well-maintained, they are ever-so durable and they will last you years upon years if that is what you wish. Of course, they are fireproof as well and if you have ever found that the striking beauty of a Spanish-styles hacienda homes is too much to pass up, you can start with these right here as the reason why. Roofing materials has got you covered regarding any type of material you are looking for to get your home in the best shape it possibly can.


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